ONSITE PCR syndromic testing

Molecular PCR for pathogen identification, analyzing the genetic make-up of the pathogen for precise detection and treatment of viral and bacterial infections. Collected via swab or urine sample, molecular testing is 3-5x more sensitive than culture and results can be assessed within hours as opposed to the 2-5 days required for culture growth. Antibiotic resistance gene detection helps guide therapy and prevent antibiotic resistance.


Vacuum-assisted wound closure for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds including pressure ulcers and surgical incisions. Wound healing and closure is promoted with a clinically superior wound therapy system designed to reduce the risk of infection, increase blood flow to the wound area and remove excess fluids that can prevent successful treatment. Visit the Attis Healthcare Prospera NPWT Microsite.

Revenue consulting services

Consulting services that enable physician practices and community hospitals to maximize profitability and capture lost revenue while extending their reach within the community and improving the standard of care for patients. Services range from laboratory design, procurement and expansion to billing and contract review to emergency room acuity auditing.


Testing for the genetic differences in individuals which can affect individual responses to drugs, in terms of both therapeutic and adverse effects. A comprehensive medication reconciliation report provides enhanced insights into the likelihood of adverse side effects and drug-to-drug interactions, influencing medication selection and corresponding dosages. Also, medication therapy management through a dynamic, interactive portal allowing physicians and pharmacists to provide input and receive immediate feedback on drug-to-drug and drug-to-gene interactions. Interactive tool allows providers to change medications, add new medications or reset previously added medications to find dynamic interactions, and hover over medications to view alternatives and pathways affected.