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Competition is fierce in the pharmacy business.

Independent, big box, chain, mail order -- the pharmacy market is crowded and highly competitive. Yet, in a Consumer Reports survey, independent pharmacies outranked all national pharmacy chains in overall satisfaction. Community pharmacies, often struggling to compete on pricing and inventory, are putting increased emphasis on their ability to provide more personalized service.

To stay successful and grow the business, pharmacies must employ new strategies to gain a competitive advantage within the community.

Pharmacists are uniquely qualified to monitor and assess all of the variables in a patient’s medication regimen. By taking a personalized, patient-centric approach, pharmacists can proactively educate patients on drug to drug and genetic interactions, potential side effects, the importance of medication adherence and much more.

As patients begin to see the increased value of this approach, customer loyalty is built and patient engagement increases between pick up and the next refill. Community presence grows via word-of-mouth. Physicians begin to see the added value the pharmacist brings, strengthening relationships and establishing the pharmacy as a preferred provider.

Attis Healthcare’s PGx and Medication Therapy Management solution provides pharmacies with the competitive edge they need to increase revenue, create customer loyalty and improve patient care.

Pharmacogenetics (PGx) and Medication Therapy Management

Pharmacogenetics is testing for genetic differences which can affect individual responses to drugs, in terms of both therapeutic and adverse effects. By personalizing a medication regimen using these unique genetic characteristics, PGx and Medication Therapy Management can lead to reduced trial-and-error prescriptions, decreased time to symptom relief, significant drug and healthcare savings and improved quality of life.

The PGx test is a simple cheek swab that is run once and can be used for life. A genetic response report is then generated combining genetic markers, molecular data and clinical evidence. This is where Attis’ solution takes it a step further. While PGx results once could be hard to digest and interpret, we offer an interactive medication management tool allowing the healthcare provider to “play” with alternative drug options to assess how the new therapy would affect drug-gene and drug-drug interactions, and find the scenario that presents the least amount of risk. Powered by genomic data from the Coriell Institute of Medical Research, this tool factors in genetics, demographics and lifestyle factors to help the healthcare provider make scientifically-based treatment decisions. A mobile application enables the patient to also monitor his or her own regimen, as well as that of family members.

About 1/3 of all retail prescriptions are filled at independent pharmacies.
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