Community hospitals play a critical role in building a strong local economy and a healthy community.

They are often the only provider of acute care, allowing residents to receive care locally. Not only are they vital to the economic engine by driving commerce, attracting businesses and providing employment, but they provide indispensable community outreach programs such as prevention classes, mobile screening and disease management programs.

Many community hospitals are in crisis and are struggling to continue to provide much needed care.

Since 2010, 82 rural hospitals have closed across the country; it’s estimated that 700 more are at risk of closing within the next 10 years. And when rural hospitals close, the community suffers considerably – jobs are lost, it’s difficult to attract new business and potentially life-saving care is gone.

However, community hospitals are finding innovative ways to adapt to the new healthcare environment.

Through outsourcing and outpatient services, by promoting collaboration among community healthcare providers, and by evaluating best billing and operational practices, hospitals are finding ways to keep patients and revenue within the community.

Attis Healthcare offers solutions designed to improve hospital economics while enabling optimal patient care.

Lab Consulting Services

There is no question that lab services are an integral part of patient care. In fact, it’s estimated that lab tests results impact over 70% of medical decisions and comprise over 80% of a patient’s medical record.

Through our hospital laboratory management services and laboratory outreach market development, our experienced team can help you build a profitable lab. Services include equipment procurement, hiring and management of lab staff, compliance training and much more.

Emergency Department Coding & Billing Audit

CMS guidelines for assigning acuity in hospital emergency departments are vague. In addition, hospitals tend to focus on inpatient care and don’t fully understand emergency department dynamics, so even the best-run hospitals typically have the opportunity to improve emergency department coding.

Attis Healthcare will provide a revenue enhancement study that requires no commitment and no financial investment from the hospital. A team of coding experts will help capture all the resources used during emergency patient visits by customizing the hospital’s acuity guidelines around their specific patient demographics. This intervention driven model decreases errors and omissions and improves revenue by an average of 10-20%, ultimately delivering the full compensation hospitals and physicians deserve for the services they provide.

Nearly 60% of U.S. hospital executives said their institutions must substantially change their business model in the near term if they are to survive financially.
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